Take advantage of the PyInputPlus Module

Requesting user input is a topic of frequent discussion. There are lots of opinions and strategies out there, but it’s important to be willing to change. …

Manipulating lists is a critical skill for any budding Pythonista. 9 out of 10 times, adding data to a list is done using the append() method, which adds the value to the end of a list. However, sometimes we need to add a value in the middle of a list.

A simple way to support your favorite content creators

Starting in August 2021, Medium introduced a new membership renewal program. Simply put, if somebody becomes a paid subscriber through your membership link, then you get rewarded. It’s an affiliate link—nothing special.

Medium had made many changes to its partner program in 2021 so I didn’t pay much attention and…

A simple and free spreadsheet tool

Whether you are an IT professional, upstart business manager, or looking for a change in profession, you’re sure to run across the need to import, manipulate, and digest data sets.

For me, data science is not a primary function of my day-to-day. So I want the most bang for my…

Three strategies to consolidate dictionaries

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

Merging data—often referred to as a union operation—is a common task in programming. When it comes to merging dictionaries, there are multiple strategies that you can choose from.

In this article, we’ll detail three different strategies, one of which is brand new in version 3.9 and by far the easiest…

Nothing warms my heart more than string manipulation — yes, this is sarcasm. Managing strings is not glamorous, it’s not mentally rewarding, but it is a common requirement. Therefore, I do my best to find built-in tools or build reusable tools for the same task.

Removing prefixes is one such…

A simple spam filter and account manager

I rarely share my productivity hacks. Not because I’m stingy, but because everybody has their own flavor. Last time I shared an easy way to setup window snapping for vertical monitors. …

A flexible algorithm that works for any depth of nesting

Parsing through data is one of life’s great joys/headaches. One of the most common requests I receive is identifying if a value — which is buried deep in a labyrinth of nested arrays/objects — is unique or a duplicate.

Well, I’m tired of reinventing the wheel over and over so…

Is there a pair of numbers that add to a specified value?

We’ll present an algorithm challenge and then provide two solutions: a runner-up and the optimal algorithm. Algorithms are written in Python.

The Challenge

Given two lists of integers, is there a set of numbers — one from each list — whose sum is equal to a specified value?

Here are two examples…

Set goals, get connected, and aim high

You only have one chance to make a first impression. On-boarding is absolutely critical and goes a long way in determining if your newly won customer will be around next renewal.

It’s low-hanging fruit to tell you that the customer needs to know how to use your software/product/service as quickly…

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