Learn to divide and ignore the remainder

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What is Integer Division?

quotient = 8 / 3;
whole_number = Math.floor(quotient);
console.log(whole_number); // prints 2

Integer Division in Python

Get rid of cumbersome elif trees with pattern matching

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Starting in version 3.10, one of my last grievances with Python — relative to other languages — is being addressed: the beloved switch statement.

What is a Switch Statement?

A simple JavaScript function to find all unique values

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Starting Data

Don’t get duped by dupes

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For Loop with .indexOf()

Refactor a three-step algorithm into a one-liner

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Sample Input & Output

records = [
{ "id"…

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A simple and free strategy to fight against the scalpers and bots

Installation to execution in 10 minutes

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A crucial next step for budding Pythonistas

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The spiritual successor to NodeJS

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Learn to use the range() function

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Manually Counting

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