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  • Shirley Lee 🍟

    Shirley Lee 🍟

    unpredictable internet person. twitter: @thatshirleylee

  • Jelena Jovanoski

    Jelena Jovanoski

    On my journey to become a Flutter dev I will be sharing knowledge by writing short texts about what new know-how’s I’ve learned, in the next 30 weeks.

  • Erika Rykun

    Erika Rykun

    Linkbuilding strategist at Linkbuilder.io. Booknerd at Booklyst.net. Read more, consume less.

  • Ian Maloney

    Ian Maloney

  • Ben Soyka

    Ben Soyka

    A technology-loving student writing Medium articles and computer programs. See more at bsoyka.me, blog at blog.bsoyka.me!

  • Tommaso De Ponti

    Tommaso De Ponti

    Building DeFi on Stellar.

  • Ross Copping

    Ross Copping

    Social media strategist; marketing practitioner, enjoys working with SME's & start-ups. Passions are family, cooking, sailing, surfing and politics.

  • John Gruber

    John Gruber

    Productivity and technology to make the world a better place. Because we all need a little help and motivation sometimes.

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